The MSLOOP 2.0 consortium consists of a multidisciplinary team formed by five partners from three European Union member countries (Spain, Italy and Germany) in strategic fields within solar thermal sector. This composition will boost an innovative development capable of achieving a strong positioning in the market.


COBRA possesses extensive experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities and power plants, but is also known for its strong international presence. ACS is a worldwide reference group for construction, civil works and related services, developing its activity in over 54 countries in key sectors such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructures, Mining, Power & Heat (CCGT) and Energy (Renewable Energy facilities including onshore & offshore wind, tidal, hydroelectric power plants, solar PV and solar thermal –CSP– plants).


Surface Engineering and Nanostructured Materials Research Group (UCM Nº910627), belonging to the Materials Science Department of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, has more than 20 years of leading experience in the country in the next fields: molten salts as storage medium, oxidation, high temperature corrosion processes, hot corrosion, and CVD-FBR coatings for high temperature. The experience in this field is from fundamental projects to applied projects for national and international industries. There are different international collaborations with laboratories located across Europe, USA and South America. This laboratory is the first reference in Spain in high temperature materials and processes. The laboratory has also participated in different European Research Programs in related topics.


Archimede Solar Energy SRL operates under the laws of Italy with its principal place of business at Vocabolo Flaminia Vetus, 88 Frazione Villa San Faustino, 06056 Massa Martana (PG) Italy, fiscal code/VAT n. 02971360546, in the person of Federica Angelantoni, Chief Executive Officer. ASE is an Italian manufacturer of solar receiver tubes (hereinafter referred to HCE or HCEs) for linear solar collector (PTC – Parabolic Trough Collector or LFR – Linear Fresnel Reflector). ASE has in its portfolio receiver tube products for different Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) technology like oil, molten salts and Direct Steam Generation (DSG).


CADE is a Spanish SME high-tech engineering company founded in 2003 and focused in energy field. The Company provides advanced engineering services worldwide and also design, build and commercialise their own technologies. Since 2006 CADE has accompanied the birth and development of thermoelectrical solar energy in Spain, positioning itself as a company that has contributed to accelerate this technology in Spain and in countries where later began its development (MENA, South Africa, etc.). Today, CADE, like a native CSP Company is at the forefront of CSP Technologies. It has the expertise to design completely CSP plants up to 50 MW including thermal storage, and works with the most important companies in the sector (ACS-Cobra, Abengoa, SAMCA, etc.),


Sbp sonne gmbh is a leading international engineering office in the field of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) and well known as experts for the development and design of parabolic trough collectors, point-focusing dish systems, solar tower power plants and heliostats, as well as concentrating photovoltaics.  Since more than 30 years we are developing from complex two axis driven high temperature CSP dishes to techno economical optimized fixed PV sub structures.  We have developed over 350 MW solar power plants that are operating in the market. Further 120 MW are currently under construction.

Our expertise is to find the optimal solution for our customers utilizing our inherent synergy of solar technology development and building structure technology. We are used to start from ideas and concepts and take those through all technology development phases to a final product.

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